“I make the blueprints!”

I provide the technical drawings you need in order to get a permit.


  • Develop CAD drawings from free hand design sketches.
  • Convert old blueprints into CAD drawings.
  • Convert PDF and Xerox copies of plans into CAD drawings to scale.
  • Visit site and record field measurements to create as-built condition drawings.
  • Offer assistance with construction design and space planning.

Free Hand Sketch


converted to

AutoCAD Drawing

More About Blueprints

Blueprints were first developed by John Herschel, a chemist, astronomer, and photographer in 1842.
The process begins with an image drawn on semi-transparent paper, which is laid on top of a sheet of paper or cloth. The paper or cloth is pre-coated with a photosensitive mixture of chemicals. When these chemicals are exposed to light they turn blue. By this process, the lines of the drawing block the light from hitting the chemicals leaving these lines white while the background is turned blue – hence the term, blueprint.

Who we serve…

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Homeowners
  • Interior Designers
  • Structural Engineers

One of the many fine accomplishments by Mr. Klaffke
while working for Architects

Oliver Klaffke
Krescent Drafting Services, Inc. is a digital drafting company whose owner, Oliver Klaffke, has been providing residential and commercial drafting services for Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Builders, Contractors and homeowners throughout Florida since 1978. 

Client Reviews

Joleen Darragh, AIA, owner of Southview Studios

I have had the pleasure of working with Oliver Klaffke, owner of Krescent Drafting Services, Inc., on many architectural projects over the years. His knowledge of the industry in both drafting and detailing has been an invaluable resource for my firm. He has a special knack for being able to translate my hand-drawn design sketches and convert them into articulated construction documents. This is no easy task!

Although his drafting skills are impeccable, this is not the only service that Oliver has to offer. He consistently proves this by contributing ideas and research on the detailing of products and materials that are appropriate for each project. As well, he assists with the coordination of engineering sub consultant designs. For example, he will evaluate Structural and MEP drawings to ensure seamless integration with the architectural design. Among all of these skills he also has an eye for organizing a set of construction drawings that are easy to follow and graphically pleasing.

I can proudly say that my collaboration with Oliver has contributed to the success of my firm. As long as I am practicing architecture I will continue to hire Oliver to draw, draft and create!


Ray Judah – Homeowner/Former Lee County Commissioner

A few months ago, my wife and I needed to transfer our preliminary house plan drawings to a CAD system in order to proceed with architectural drawings for permitting and construction of our new home in Oregon. We were referred to Oliver Klaffke of Krescent Drafting Services, Inc., by a local general contractor who highly recommended Mr. Klaffke’s professionalism and work ethic.

Mr. Klaffke’s demeanor, attention to detail and efficient and effective delivery of services in working on our house plans resulted in a delightful and satisfying experience. Although extremely humble, Mr. Klaffke actually enhanced our house plan drawings with recommended revisions to the functionality and appearance of our house.

Mr. Klaffke’s completed house drawings greatly facilitated and expedited our engineering firm’s work on the structural drawings and general contractor’s application submittal for construction permits.  Mr. Klaffke is an extraordinary person who treats his clients like family, is laser focused on assigned tasks, and completes his work on time and on budget. I would strongly recommend Krescent Drafting Services, Inc., to future clients looking for exceptional and responsive drafting services.


Richard W. Arnold, P.E., Senior Engineer at Arnold/Sanders Consulting Engineers

We have worked with Oliver Klaffke for many years and are pleased to recommend his CADD drafting services. Oliver was employed at this firm for over three years in which he prepared Engineering and Architectural design drawings. His work product was always clear, concise and of high quality. We were saddened that he left our firm and wished him well in his new endeavors.

Oliver has efficient CADD design drafting skills and understands building materials and construction. We use Oliver’s services whenever possible because he is dependable, detail oriented, his fees are reasonable and it is always a pleasure to work with this kind gentleman.