About Us

Krescent Drafting Services Inc., is a digital drafting company whose owner, Oliver Klaffke, has been providing residential and commercial drafting services for Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Builders, Contractors, and homeowners throughout Florida since 1978. Our focus on customer service and commitment to providing clients with accurate and comprehensive technical drawings for residential and commercial projects at affordable rates has been key to our continued success. With over thirty years of experience in design, space planning, construction, and construction administration of both private and public commercial and residential projects throughout Southwest Florida we have a comprehensive understanding of the design documentation process. We also have a track record of working with some of the most talented and successful professionals in the Architectural Design, Engineering, and Construction industry. As a result we can offer Architects, Residential Designers, Interior Designers and Builders exactly what they need in a CAD technician/draftsman to the prepare permit and construction drawings needed for any project. 

Whether from hand sketch, sales brochure, markups or description, we can produce accurate and detailed construction drawings, commonly called “blueprints”, using the latest 2D computer aided drafting software. Services such as on-site visits to verify the accuracy of old blueprints, or taking field measurements in instances where blueprints have been lost or no longer exist can also be provided to produce accurate CAD drawings. 

If you feel that our outsourcing services can benefit you and your company, please contact me here, or call 239-898-1650 to set up a time to meet and discuss the scope of work in greater detail at either your office or mine. 

We can help you turn your hand drawn sketch into everything you dreamed it could be!

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